What is BFC?


The Basic Flying Course is a simulator based training course that was developed by professional pilots with extensive airline and general aviation experience. They translated the way big jets are flown into light aircraft by breaking down the flying-process second by second.


This resulted in a ‘one method all aircraft’ revolutionary teaching method. In just 12 days with 5 briefings and 7 simulator sessions, cadets go from zero experience to crosswind takeoff and landing.

The gradual build-up of applying the correct flying and instrument scanning techniques, rapidly results in acquiring basic flying skills for life. Applying the correct techniques from day one, increases training efficiency and reduces training time and cost when the cadet transitions to the actual aircraft.


On top of that, special attention is paid to airline style attitude, behavior and self-assessment, turning cadets into trustable pilots.

Over 1000 cadets have successfully completed the BFC training as part of their integrated course and were enrolled at various airlines (Brussels Airlines, Ryanair, TUI Airlines Belgium, Air France, British Airways, etc.).


The program is currently part of the Etihad Airways MPL program, training 100 cadets every year.