What is BFC Advanced?


BFC Advanced is actually the original BFC course when the program was created in 2005. It focuses more on the IFR part with specific emphasis on VOR and NDB tracking, holding and approaches.


With the need for the BFC methods in even an earlier stage of the training, BFC VFR was derived from the original BFC course using the same proven concept but adapted to VFR flying. To make the distinction between the courses, it was renamed to BFC Advanced.

The basics for the BFC-concept were created by

airline pilots with extensive instructional background

in airline and general aviation, former B737 & A320 instructor and founder of BFC Jean de Clercq (middle), TRI B737/A320, FO 777 Air France Xavier Jensen (right) and SFI B737 TUI Airlines Belgium Ken Evens (left).

Together they perfected the BFC course and created

the well proven one method - all aircraft concept by translating the way big jets are flown into light aircraft. Their goal is to make commercial aviation safer by making the BFC-concept know worldwide.